About Wacky Wood Works

Wacky Wood Works – Nighthawk’s Projects
This is a hobby site, to show friends family what I get up to during the weekends. Now I am by no means a expert woodworker or joiner, and I may do things differently than you would expect, but I usually end up with what I want.

I have been inspired to get back and just make stuff and all I want to do with this site and my YouTube channel is to inspire you, to make you say,” I can do that.” (and probably better… lol)

I get inspired from the inter web and the google machine from many other woodworkers on the inter web so in return I hope that others viewing Wacky Wood Works will get some inspiration from me in some way and if you do please let me know.

I have other hobbies, from being a musician, graphic artistry (I was one for 15 years), motorcycle riding to just watching a good SciFi movie.