Upgrading tools

Over the next few months I will be upgrading some of my power hand tools (Worx brand) I am basically upgrading to AEG 18v tools and I need to make some room). So there will be a couple of sanders, multi-tool and jigsaw … and maybe a couple of other tools for sale. If there is any local buyer that wants the make an offer for the lot… If you are new to wood working and need some tools to set up shop I might do (will do) a “really real good” deal…

Worx Sheet Sander

Worx Orbital Sander


Worx Belt Sander

Worx Belt Sander

Worx Grinder

Worx Jigsaw

Worx Multitool (Sonicraft)

There might be a sabre saw as well (but a different brand Ingco Reciprocating Saw if I can find it) and I may throw in a older Maktec (by Makati) Router Trimmer. All in used condition but working well…

Maktec (by Makati) Router Trimmer.

Maktec (by Makati) Router Trimmer.

If you are interested make contact.


I was able to donate these tools to the North Dunedin Shed Society Inc.