Purge of tools

I like tools, I like using them and I like owning them. However I have a limited space in my basement workshop, in a 107 year old house. What I also have to deal with is house piles and the basement itself is only partly developed meaning only dirt floor and and no walls in most of the basement itself. So this means I am limited with space, and I seem to be collecting more and more tools, Ok let’s be honest here, I like to hoard tools.

So I have decided “in my infinite wisdom” I decided to do a purge of tools, and not just tools but various other things around the workshop that are just taking up space…

I have a theory that I have not used a tool for a few years then it is pretty obvious that I don’t really need said tool and I should purge that said tool.

I have already started when I started to upgrade some my power tools a lot of my older tools I donated to a local group “North Dunedin Shed Society Inc” And I am not fully replacing all the tools I donated either. I then did an upgrade to my toolbox tidy and purged a lot of spanners, pliers and screwdrivers. Click here to see the tools I donated

I purged a lot of tools here, and I started to get brutal with some of my decisions, spanners, screw drivers and pliers and side cutters etc… Cutting right back to the basics. I mean how many screwdrivers do I really need, how many pair of pliers do I really need especially if they are the same.

So what is next? Well that wood pile is getting out of hand. So I need to go through that.. a lot of that wood will become fire wood. I know, I know… but  I have to be honest with myself most of it won’t get used for a project. It will also help when I come to develop the storage area.. Some of the finishers, paints and stains… that doesn’t really get used. I have two very old lathes that need to get rid of . I even said in my shop tour I don’t do a lot of wood turning, I have two pocket hole jigs why.

I do know one thing I won’t be purging and that is clamps, there is a saying “You never have too many clamps” and while I don’t use all of them all the time, there has been many occasions I needed just one more clamp.

I don’t do a lot of hand tools but I am also already down to the very basic’s of them with just a couple of cheaper planes, and a couple of saws etc…

So tell me do you every so often think you need to do a purge of things…