Out feed table

So I finally make an out feed table for the table saw.  I knew all the issues I encountered in the video before I even started, which is one of the reasons I put the project off for so long. However I worked through the problem and came up with a solution I will call it “Mark I”, I have already thought of a minor upgrade to it basically raising the last 8 or 9 mm with out having to router in the mitre slots.

The main issues were where to mount the runners to hold the outfeed table top.. Because where the table saw is located, I can not just build a cabinet or bench behind the saw like most people can. I had to think out side the square and attach some runners to the actual table saw, then make sure the motor and riving knife can still be attached as well as missing the handle that changes the blade angle.

After working out where the runners can be mounted… the next question was how… I didn’t want to go and buy anything for this project and so I had to have a scrounge around for some brackets eventually finding some that were left overs from building the back deck all those years ago. From there it became pretty easy to work out the rest. But as I said above I have already thought of an upgrade.

Out feed table made and installed and the upgraded the following day to MARK II, and I already have MARK III upgrades in mind.

MARK III I raise the height of the out feed table so it is just below the tables bed height by adding a some ply, but this means my mitre slots will be blocked.. so how do I deal with that?