Measuring and marking tools on the french cleat

A quick project for a Wednesday evening… No video.

So it was Wednesday evening and I was tinkering in the workshop. So I decided on a whim to make a holder using Kincrome Custom Cut Foam and then make a holder for my marking and measuring utilities.

The frame is recycled Rimu wood. with mitre corners a 5 mm MDF back board. I then added a couple of 15 degree angled brackets with a cleat so it can hang on the french cleat anywhere in the shop. The whole board is on a 15 degree angle so nothing falls out and everything sits nicely in the foam. 

I then hung it on the french cleat. But before I could do that I had to do some re-arranging the other cleats to make it fit.

I am of the frame of mind if a tool is in a draw there is a good chance I will forget that I have it. However if I can see, there is a better chance it I will grab it and use it when I need it. I don’t know how many times I have tried measuring things and not being able to get the exact measurement (I am going blind with old age) making the project and then remembering I have to digital calipers.