Making stuff with James.

So had my nephew (11) around for the day, and he wanted to make something for grandad, and it turn out to be a fish I guess he likes fishing, I am not 100% sure. So we made a fish, and we put it on a pole and made look like it was jumping out of the river.

He is going to take it to Nan’s and paint it (or stain it) with her when grandad is not there… and then give it to grandad. It is made out just scrap pine and a bit Dowel I had laying around the shop.

I then said while we were sanding the trout, what about making something for your Dad, he said yes… but he wasn’t sure what so during our lunch break Xaria said “What about Number one Dad” James like that so we shortened it to “#1 Dad”

We made it with the scrap rimu wood and put a clear lacquer on it. Dowel holding to the base with a tight fit so no glue no squeeze out and drying time.

James helped with the design, also he with cutting (with my guidance) on the bandsaw and scroll saw. He did a lot of the sanding by hand.