Kit build from “Incredi-Builds” of an X-Wing

I built a IncrediBuilds (an official Disney product apparently) mini X-Wing fighter. It is all laser cut out and you just have to assemble it. While it was fiddley putting it together, overall it was pretty easy to make and a pretty cool wee model of an X-Wing. The instructions were easy to follow, even though small (and I had to wear my glasses and get a magnifying glass) but but were easy to follow.

IT wasn’t a lightweight balsa model which was what I was expecting, but rather a precision laser cut and manufactured thin plywood product which when assembled surprisingly robust for what it is and how it is put together.

The accompanying booklet was also a nice surprise and was nearly worth the money on it’s own with out the kit. It was a nice surprise and gives a little bit of history back story as well as info on pilots. It also gave two ideas for painting options if you wish to paint the model. I personally won’t be

Overall I enjoyed making this and since this video was made, and I look forward to making more so I also bought the matching Tie Fighter, Star Destroyer, AT-ACT, R2 D2, and Millennium Falcon just to have a set. Although I believe I also need to get the Death Star …

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