Can Feeder

This is a prototype to see if there is room on the shelf. I knew it would be tight height of two cans and the two sloping inner ramps.


Video’s I have been continuously asked over and over if I will ever do videos of my projects. What I will say at this point in time is ‘never say never’ but at this stage Read More …

Tool Box Socket Tidy

Before the tidy… they just rolled about.

Take some wood, drill some holes add some dowel. I was originally just going to do the sockets. But then decided to add in the drivers and bars as well.

Keep drilling and adding dowel. Get your spacing, as the sockets reduce in size.

Paint black

Add main sockets and drivers, extension bars. Looks tidier. (Powerbuilt, Alltrade, and a few cheaper SCA for those that want to know. )

Added and painted final piece.