AEG Power Tools NZ

I now mainly AEG on the 18v battery system, due to the one battery fits all system, like most other brands do. So you end up being locked into a brand. You need a new tool and it is cheaper to just buy the skin as you don’t need the battery. I have a love hate relationship with this type of system. I love it because it does work out over all cheaper with battery tools and you don’t have to worry about running a cable. Hate it because you do become locked into a system.

However that being said, at this stage I have had absolutely no issues with my AEG any of my tools and actually like them. They are work horses in my workshop and have not skipped a beat. My Drill and impact driver I have had for over 6 or 7 years now and still going strong and while they do not do a trade level of work, they have been used and abused over those 6 or 7 years and haven’t skipped a beat.

Workshop Tools

Nail Guns/Brad Nailers


  • Brushless motor provides reduced shot latency and extended runtime
  • Fire up to 2,000 x 64mm nails into pine with a 6.0Ah battery pack
  • Dual mode – sequential and bump fire
  • Tool free depth drive and power adjustment
  • Pro drive technology means no gas canisters, no hoses and low maintenance

The AEG 18V Brushless ProDrive cordless 16GA C Brad Nailer provides the reliability of a traditional nailer without the need for a hose, gas or regular maintenance. The brushless motor provides reduced shot latency and extended runtime shooting up to an unbeatable 2000 brads per charge.


  • Fires up to 1700 x 65mm brads into pine per charge (6.0Ah battery)
  • Prodrive technology means no gas canisters, no hoses and low maintenance for more time on the job
  • Brushless motor provides reduced shot latency and extended run-time
  • Tool free depth and power adjustment

AEG’s range of nailers feature Prodrive vacuum technology that means no hoses, no gas and low maintenance with all the power and performance of a gas/air powered nail gun.

With the capacity to fire up to 1700 65mm nails into pine on a single charge using a 6.0Ah battery this nailer offers excellent run-time and the AEG Brushless motor provides reduced shot latency which means a bump fire rate of 1 nail per second. It is ideal for heavy duty trim and finishing work without the need of hoses or gas.

Circular Saw

18V 184mm Brushless Circular Saw. AEG no longer stock this particular saw. Recommend – $359.00



18V 184mm Brushless Circular Saw cutting a 4×2

  • Right handed blade placement
  • Lock off switch and electric motor brake for added user safety
  • Up to 50 degree bevel adjustment with pre-set stops at common angles
  • Spindle lock for faster blade changing
  • Dust blower keeps cut line clear and accurate

With a powerful 18V high-output motor, the BKS18-0 Circular Saw from AEG leads the pack when it comes to safe, efficient cutting performance.

Ideal for use by building industry professionals, this circular saw features a 165mm blade positioned on the right hand side, which makes it far more comfortable to use. A blower port also helps to improves line of sight, making the AEG BKS18-0 a safe, powerful circular saw engineered for trade reliability.


AEG 18v Brushless Jigsaw

  • Brushless motor technology
  • Auto-line start mode
  • Lock-on switch with variable speed dial

The AEG 18V Brushless Jigsaw Skin is designed with brushless motor technology for maximum performance, longer runtime, and extended motor life. It has an auto-line start mode for precise, fast cuts. The lock-on switch with variable speed dial offers ultimate control and precision. The AEG 18V Brushless Jigsaw Skin also has a 3-stage pendulum + 0 setting, a line blower function, line lockout, off setting, LED sight light, tool-free blade change, and tool-free bevel adjustment. It includes an 18V Brushless Jigsaw Skin, no mar pad, dust port adaptor, splinter guard, and 2 blades.


  • AEG 18V Brushless Trim Router

    Powerful 18V brushless motor for maximum performance, better driving efficiency and longer runtime

  • Variable speed range of 17,000-30,000rpm allows for use on a range of materials
  • Quick-adjust base with micro-depth adjustment and lock improves adjustment time and accuracy

The AEG 18V Brushless Trim Router has an 18V brushless motor for maximum power, better driving efficiency and longer runtime compared to brushed motors. It has a variable speed range of 17,000-30,000rpm, suitable for a range of materials.
The quick-adjust base with micro-depth adjustment and spindle lock improve adjustment time and accuracy.
This trim router comes with a parallel guide, straight cutter, square base, round base and dust port. Add one to your kit.

Drills & and Impact Drivers/Wrench

AEG 18V 2.0Ah 2 Piece Combo Kit (this exact kit is now has the 4.0Ah batteries) – $349.00 –

AEG 18v Drill

  • 480Nm of max torque
  • 3-Speed Settings
  • Auto-Tight mode
  • Friction ring design allows for easy socket change

Suitable for many fixing applications, the AEG 18V Brushless Impact Wrench features 480Nm of max torque, 3-speed settings, Auto-Tight and more.

The 3-speed settings allows the user to limit the speed and torque of the unit to suit different applications. The Auto-Tight mode maximum torque is set at 200Nm and automatically stops the tool to prevent over-tightening of fasteners. With an outstanding 480Nm of maximum torque, these control features will come very handy.


AEG 18v Hand planer

  • Powerful 18V brushless motor for maximum power, better driving efficiency, and longer runtimes
  • Unique negative chamfer adjustment for repeatable and adjustable chamfer finishes
  • Dual-side dust ejection

The AEG 18V Brushless 82mm Planer features a brushless motor, which gives you better power, improved efficiency, and longer runtimes compared to brushed motors. It has a unique chamfer adjustment that lets you make repeatable and adjustable chamfer finishes to suit every application. The dual-side dust ejection allows for safe and convenient dust ejection, and the micro-adjust front knob lets you adjust the depth in 0.1mm increments for ultimate precision.

This planer features a diecast aluminium shoe plate and kickstand with lock feature. It has a safety lock-off switch for safe storage and pausing on the job, and onboard storage for easy blade changes.

The AEG 18V Brushless 82mm Planer comes with a parallel guide for precision and a spare blade. Add one to your collection of AEG power tools.


AEG 18v Random Orbital Sander

  • 85%+ dust collection efficiency
  • Soft start electronics
  • 6 speed setting dial
  • Electronic push button switch
  • Dust sealed electronics to protect internal components

Built to deliver a clean, smooth finish every time, the AEG 18V Orbital Sander is a variable speed, ergonomic tool with an easy-to-control body and compact design.

This lightweight Sander with best in class vibration levels uses Softstart technology and pad brakes to ensure a gouge free finish and offers dust extraction, using either a dust bag or absorption.

  • Compact and powerful 250W motor for maximum performance and durability
  • Variable speed trigger with lock-on switch for user comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Sealed dust-proof switch system increases tool durability and lifespan

The AEG 250W 1/3 Sheet Sander has a compact 250W motor for impressive power and durability. The variable speed trigger with a lock-on switch makes it easy to select the right speed and get to work without having to hold the trigger down to operate.
This sander features a sealed dust-proof switch system for tool protection and durability. It’s compatible with Flexovit 8-hole 1/3 sanding sheets, and it has a hook, loop and clamp system for quick and easy sheet changes.
The AEG 250W 1/3 Sheet Sander comes with 15 sanding sheets (5 x #60, 5 x #80, 5 x #120) and a dust bag.

  • Through-body sealed slide switch for ease of use and increased reliability
  • Convenient hook and loop for easy paper fastening
  • Softstart technology and pad brake for a gouge-free finish
  • Variable speed levels for optimum control

Built to deliver a clean, smooth finish every time, the AEG 300W Orbital Sander is a variable speed, ergonomic tool with an easy-to-control body and compact design.

This lightweight 300W Orbital Sander uses Softstart technology and pad brakes to ensure a gouge free finish and offers dust extraction, using either a dust bag or absorption.

Belt Sander

AEG 18V Brushless Belt Sander (Skin). Retail $389.00 –

  • 18V Brushless motor
  • Variable speed with lock on switch
  • 76mm x 457mm belt size
  • Quick adjust belt tracking system
  • Light weight and compact

Introducing the AEG 18V Brushless Belt Sander (BHBS18B-0). This unit provides cordless convenience with outstanding performance.

AEG Sanders (18v and powered)


  • 18V advanced fusion brushless DC motor delivers extreme power and runtime
  • Ergonomic dead-man paddle switch design increases user safety, comfort and control
  • Electronic blade brake
  • Anti-kickback shutdown mode protects the user from kickback
  • Removable (for cleaning) micron mesh filtration cap along with coated and sealed electronics create a 2-stage protection system against metal dust ingress

The AEG 18V FUSION 125mm angle grinder skin has everything you need for quick and comfortable jobs with a professional finish. It comes with a powerful angle grinder (11,000rpm), fixtec flange set, tool-free 2-in-1 guard, grinding wheel, and anti-vibration side handle. The brushless motor provides superior power and runtime.


  • 18V brushless motor increases power and runtime while keeping the tool compact and lightweight
  • Variable speed of up to 20,000opm for efficient cutting
  • Tool-free blade changes for quickly switching accessories 14 accessories included to equip you for a wide range of applications from sanding to cutting
  • LED sight light increases visibility in low lighting
  • Compatible with the OMNIPRO head range for increased versatility

The AEG 18V Brushless Multi-Function Tool allows you to complete a range of jobsite applications (e.g. cutting and sanding) without needing to swap tools. It comes with a plunge cut blade, a flush cut blade, a sanding pad, and 10 sanding papers. It’s also compatible with the OMNIPRO range, which includes a reciprocating saw head, a jigsaw head, and a right-angle drill head.

The 18V brushless motor delivers more power and runtime than you might expect from such a compact multi-tool – it can reach a cutting speed of up to 20,000opm. Tool-free blade changes mean you can move efficiently from one application to the next, minimising downtime. A belt hook provides convenient on-person storage, and the LED sight light helps you work in dark areas.

AEG Omni-Pro Right Angle Drill Attachment – $99.00 –

  • 10mm keyless chuck
  • Metal gearbox
  • Compatible with AEG 18V & 12V Power base
  • Multi Tool power base and other attachments sold separately

Suiting both the 18V and 12V power base, this right angle drill attachment featuring a 10mm key-less chuck and full metal gear box is a must have for anyone with an AEG Multi-Function tool.

AEG Omni-Pro Right Angle Impact Driver Attachment – $99.00 –

  • 62Nm or Torque
  • Metal Gearbox
  • 1/4″ Hex Reception
  • Multi Tool power base and other attachments sold separately

This versatile and compact right angled impact driver attachment is powerful and manoeuvrable enough to make short work of big jobs in tight spaces. With 62Nm of maximum torque, and compatible with both the 12V & 18V power base, this attachment is a must have for any tradesperson.

AEG Omni-Pro Reciprocating Saw Attachment – $99.00 –

  • Fixtec tool free blade change
  • Metal gears
  • One handed sawing ability
  • Lock-off feature
  • Multi Tool power base and other attachments sold separately

Suiting both the 18V and 12V power base, this trade quality reciprocating saw attachment features a 12.7mm stroke length, Fixtec tool free blade change, and full metal gear box.
It is a must have for any trade person with an AEG Multi Function tool.

AEG Omni-Pro Jigsaw Attachment – $99.00 –

  • Blower Port – Directs debris away from cut line to improve line of sight
  • FIXTEC Tool-Free Blade Clamp – Compatible with T-shank and U-shank blades
  • No-Mar Plate – Prevents damage or marks on the work surface
  • Anti-Splintering Insert
  • Multi Tool power base and other attachments sold separately

The AEG Jigsaw Head has a compact size that makes it great for cutouts under sinks and in cabinets. This jigsaw head offers fast, efficient cutting operation with variable speeds delivering 2,600 SPM for precision cuts. This jigsaw also features a built-in blower port that helps provide excellent visibility of the cutting line and a lock-off feature.

This trade quality attachment is a must have for those with the AEG Multi Function Tool power base.

Other Tools

AEG 18V Blower / Inflator – $119.00 –

  • High-volume inflator quickly inflates air mattresses, pools, floating devices, etc.
  • High-volume deflator quickly deflates air mattresses, pools, floating devices, etc.
  • High-speed fan for powerful air velocity to quickly clear any space

The AEG 18V Worksite Blower And Inflator/Deflator has a high-speed fan for powerful air velocity, quickly clearing any space to make worksite clean-up easy. This air blower doubles as an air inflator and deflator when you attach the included inflator/deflator nozzle. Use the high-volume inflator for fast and convenient inflation of air mattresses, pools, floating devices and more. Then use the high-volume deflator to quickly deflate them.

This AEG blower features 3-speed settings with a variable speed trigger for great control. Its reinforced housing can withstand tough job site conditions, and the flexible heavy-duty rubber nozzle resists crushing and cracking.

Add this versatile battery air blower to your kit for fast and easy clean-up, inflation and deflation.

  • Handheld design with belt clip for portability
  • Dimming function allows for adjustment of light density
  • Rotating head allows for multi direction lighting

The AEG 12/18V LED Spotlight is the ideal lighting solution for the job-site. This light puts out 2,100 Lumens using 4 high performance LED lights. Handheld design with belt clip makes this unit extremely portable. Dimming function provides correct light/concentration level per application and the rotating head allows for multi direction lighting.

Garden Tools

18V Brushless line trimmer

  • Rear mounted outer rotor motor providing greater tool balance and maximum torque for tough applications
  • 2-Speed settings with variable speed trigger gives you the flexibility to match the speed to the application
  • Aluminium split-shaft design for light-weight durability and compact storage
  • Easy-wind, bump head design for quick line distribution and easy line replenishment
  • Machine-cut gears for reduced vibration and added durability

AEG’s 18V Line Trimmer delivers power and portability and contains the latest brushless motor technology for longer runtime with less maintenance. It is is well balanced with great performance from the top-mounted motor, delivering over 25 mins of run-time on the HIGH setting under a good-size load (with 6.0Ah Battery). The unit also features AEGs new, lower profile easy-wind, bump-head design.

The AEG 18V Garden Range is fully compatible with the batteries and chargers you already own.

18V 6.0AH 550MM Fusion hedge trimmer kit. Came with a 6Ah battery and charger. – $478.00 –


18V 550MM Fusion hedge trimmer

  • Brushless motor for optimal performance
  • 550mm blade length with 26mm cut capacity
  • Hanging hole for storage
  • Includes sheath for storage, standard charger and one 6.0Ah FORCE battery
  • Rear-rotating handle

Please be aware, this product is considered a dangerous good and the amount able to be purchased may be restricted. Loading and transportation requirements apply to you when purchasing or collecting this product.

The AEG 18V FUSION hedge trimmer kit includes a storage sheath, 6.0Ah FORCE battery, and standard charger. It features a brushless motor for superior power and impressive runtime. This lightweight design has a rear-rotating handle for superior ergonomics.


AEG Small site radio. I do use it when I am not filming. Came with drill combo set.

I have x2 AEG 18v battery chargers (bought with kits) – $149.00 –

  • Intuative multi LED interface
  • 12V-18V backwards compatible (note does not charge current AEG 12V batteries)
  • Multi-chemistry Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, NiMh
  • Slim compact design

AEG 18V Sequential Dual Port Charger – $199.00 –

The AEG smart charger incorporates an intuitive multi LED interface. It is backwards compatible and charges across various chemistry batteries.

I have x2 2Ah, x4 5Ah, x1 6Ah x1 9Ah Batteries. I will be getting more – from $119 upto $259.00

  • x2 2Ah, x4 5Ah, x1 6Ah x1 9Ah battery capacity
  • Convenient on board fuel gauge
  • Robust polymer body
  • Provides outstanding performance and runtime

The AEG 18V Force Battery (L1860B-X5) has next gen cell technology and smart systems to deliver more power for longer. The smart circuitry are engineered to provide outstanding performance when used with the AEG 18V range of ‘Fusion’ tools and provide improved performance to the existing range of AEG 18V tools.

  • Improvement on previous 31 piece set, with additional 50mm and 89mm bits
  • Magnetic Tip provides maximum hold and retention of screws and fasteners
  • Precision Tip ensures maximum head material for durability, heat dissipation and reduced cam-outs
  • Ballistic Zone absorbs extreme torque break and reduces stress during heavy loading
  • Modular Case for easy selection & transportation

The AEG ballistic series 32 piece driving set includes 25mm, 50mm and 89mm screwdriver bits, a 50mm magnetic nut driver, a sock adaptor, and a magnetic bit holder. They feature a torsion band for increased strength.

All purchased from Bunnings Warehouse as Bunnings has the sole rights to AEG products.